5 Advantages of Studying for a Degree in Nutrition

Wednesday, 13 July 2022

If you do not know what major you should study, we will tell you 5 advantages of getting a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition. This profession is becoming more and more popular all around the world and is making the labour market grow. 

Choosing a major is not an easy task. Generally, it is all about a process that takes a long time to plan and that implies analysing too many options. For that reason, to make this process easier, we decided to take into consideration some of the most outstanding benefits that you could get by studying for a degree in Nutrition. But, why choose this career? Basically, nowadays, it is an occupation that has lots of job opportunities and it is continuously growing all around the world. 

As a nutritionist, you can work in the following spaces: 

📍 Clinics (community or private)

📍 Health centres

📍 Schools

📍 Food Service Management

📍 Food Production Companies 

📍 Sport Nutrition

This clearly shows the wide variety of job opportunities that this career has, as well as its huge adaptability. What does this mean? In short, it is a career that has more than only one field of action. 

Definition of Nutrition and Its Functions 

When we talk about Nutrition, we are referring to the biological process in which all of the nutrients necessary to live are absorbed from food by animal and vegetal organisms. Overall, we are referring to a fundamental procedure, since our bodies could not work without it. Yes, without nutrition, human organisms would become completely obsolete. Nevertheless, this is not the only definition of nutrition we know. Nourishment consists of a science in charge of studying the relationship between a proper diet and health. Proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates play an important role in the body's functioning and also within this sciense. 

FACTS: Nutrition as a scientific discipline can be traced back to the XVIII century, during the “chemical revolution”. In this revolution, scientists developed different studies that allowed people to better know the human nutrition process. However, there exist some writings that can be traced back to ancient Greece. 

According to the results offered by nutrition, the prevention of diverse problems linked to human health is possible, among them: arteriosclerosis, coronary disease, hypertension, and high blood pressure. 

Because of this, the nutritionist elaborates a food plan and food programs aimed at having an impact on his patient’s health and preserving their welfare. In fact, this feature, among others, is what makes this occupation so important in the health environment.

Nowadays, there are thousands of professionals focused on the nutrition field, since there is a huge demand for experts and people longing for a more balanced diet. 

Which are the 4 processes of Nutrition? 

Altogether, 4 involuntary processes are carried out during the nutrition phase. Would you like to know them? 

 This process takes food and converts them into nutrients. The food that is not used or does not work is expelled. 
Oxygen is introduced into the body, filtering the air that is inhaled. Besides, carbon dioxide that our body does not use is exhaled. 


During this phase, nutrients and oxygen are distributed and body wastes are taken to the organs in charge of expelling them. 
During this phase, blood is filtered to expel wastes and liquid excretion takes place through urine and perspiration. 

5 advantages of studying for a degree in Nutrition

Don’t you know what to study? In the next section, we will show you 5 advantages of studying for a degree in Nutrition. The main aim of this is to help you make the best decision possible, whether it is deciding to study for a degree in Nutrition or any other career. 

The main advantages of Nutrition are: 

1️⃣Multidisciplinary career 

This means that when we talk about nutrition, we are referring to a profession that has a vast amount of job opportunities. This includes, among others: working in a health centre, in the nutritional area of a company of food production, as a sports counsellor and more. 

2️⃣Not all the cases are the same

This is something to highlight since it may seem that all the situations within nutrition are identical but no, there are different cases. For example, a patient may be going through a specific situation and will require specific treatment, whereas another patient may be going through a completely different situation. That way, a fully new treatment would be needed.

3️⃣This career is always growing

This is not news. Nowadays, nutrition is part of an exclusive career list that is continuously growing all around the world. The main reason for this is its popularity and the level of requests that it has today. 

4️⃣It upgrades all the time

Like other science fields, nutrition is constantly upgrading. What does this mean? Basically, even today, different findings take place in the nutrition field. This does not mean that there are procedure changes but the emergence of new tools and methodologies.

5️⃣It allows working independently 

You are probably wondering “what does it mean to work independently?” It means that, as odontology or psychology, where professionals can find themselves with their own offices, nutritionists can have their offices too. It is not necessary to work as an employee since they can have their own offices. 

Do you find this information interesting? Do you think you will be able to study for a degree in Nutrition? Do you think that there are more than these 5 benefits? Get a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition to find out more about this career. 

Where can you get a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition? 

🥗 Griffith University - Bachelor Of Nutrition And Dietetics

🥗 Curtin University - Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion 

🥗 Australian Catholic University - Bachelor of Nutrition Science

🥗Torrens University Australia - Bachelor of Nutrition

🥗La Trobe University - Bachelor of Food and Nutrition

🥗Charles Darwin University - Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Nutrition

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