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CIC Higher Education Pty Ltd is a private company, registered under the Corporations Act 2001. CIC is a globally recognised education institution, specialising in providing students with higher education degrees in a supportive and caring environment. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our students.

Their students come from more than 40 different countries, bringing with them a passion for learning and providing the College with a rich multicultural environment, which we not only recognise, but celebrate. CIC is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS Provider No. 01718J) to provide courses for overseas students studying on an Australian student visa. There are approximately 700 students enrolled at CIC across its three Bachelor courses.

Their academic team are selected based on their extensive knowledge and industry experience. They help students not only with achieving their academic goals but also with developing the skills and knowledge that the students need to go on to have successful careers in their chosen fields.

CIC has TEQSA registration and course accreditation, current registration status can be found here.

CIC is a member of EduCo Global group of companies. EduCo is a leader in the provision of education in major English-speaking countries for students from around the world. EduCo’s institutions cater to a broad range of students and offer higher education, university pathway, vocational and English language programs.

CIC’s annual reports are fully audited and provided to TEQSA annually for review. The statement of Financial Standing for CIC Higher Education Pty Ltd is below:
Statement of Financial Standing

CIC enables its students to become high – performing individuals, who have the ability to innovate and create value in their chosen fields.

The CIC Higher Education is a Public university located in Melbourne.
The current president of CIC Higher Education is Jim Jackson.

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