Bachelor in Fashion Design: What Does a Fashion Designer Do?

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

In history, several landmarks have changed humanity. It is estimated that, among scientific and industrial advancements, many people grow in different activities and professions. Today, we will focus on a very interesting profession that only a few people know about. Keep on reading to learn what a fashion designer does.

Nowadays, the possibilities of following a career you enjoy and are passionate about are high. Taking into consideration all the social diversities and job opportunities, there are thousands of careers that might be of your interest. This complex world makes it possible for anyone to be whatever they want no matter their conditions or economy. 

There are growing industries all around the world. Some industries are more relevant than others, but they are all important. Within Australia, the textile industry has spent years competing with Great Britain and the UK. However, Australia has made a great job in becoming part of the market. 

Australia is one of the countries with more open land in the world, which allows it to grow different raw materials that help the textile industry grow. Take, for example, cotton, hemp, and Banyan three fibers. The textile industry takes up around 35,000 people out of the 23 million inhabitants. Australia was able to grow internationally too, with several textile brands brands such as Billabong and Van Heusen, that are really famous all around the world. 

In this article, we will focus on clothing production. In the following paragraphs, we will explain what a fashion designer does. If your dream is to become a fashion designer, you can gain a lot of knowledge thanks to this article. 

History and Clothing

It's clear that clothes, as we know them today, have not always existed. In fact, the first inhabitants of the world had to manage to get dressed, especially in cold temperatures. Every season was lived in different ways, especially in the cold areas. 
It is said that the ancient populations used pieces of clothing that only covered their private parts. The aim was to protect themselves from the cold. Actually, they hunted animals to eat and used their skins as clothing. Moreover, another aim was protection, in case of having to defend their territories.

More advanced societies started to tailor clothing according to their social classes. Those who had more resources used designed clothes and extravagant jewellery. At that moment, fashion started. Textile handicrafts started to be developed, and during the industrial revolution when everything became automated. Nowadays, we can find in the market established brands such as Channel, Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. 

Was Haute Couture Important in the World? 

Actually, it was. As we mentioned, in the beginning, clothing had protection and security purposes. Further on, it was used as a hierarchy marker in society, from the first monarchs, kings, and pharaohs. They used haute couture clothing with details in gold and jewellery in their clothes. 

All of these advancements were studied and led to the biggest leaders of the world. These people added extra purposes to clothing and the haute couture era began. According to Wikipedia, in the XVIII century, Rose Bertin was the first woman to introduce luxurious clothing into French culture and society. 
It started to grow and never stopped. In fact, nowadays, the textile area is one of the biggest in the world. The top brands have cornered the highest markets and opened their doors to other sectors such as perfumes, and cosmetics, among others. 

Fashion and Clothing: Characteristics

This career is mainly about authenticity. The fashion industry is an area that relies on different personalities leading the market, but at the same time, every year new independent and creative people enter the market. This type of job comes from a mixture between design, couture, and creativity.  
A fashion design professional has certain abilities that allow him to highly develop at work. The professional learns about fashion design, trends, fashion history, textile business management, and marketing. This type of program offers concept tools and practical abilities to develop themselves in the area.
A fashion design student will learn from the origins of fashion to the last advancements in this field. 

Where can I Study? 

Within Australia, there are several universities that offer students the opportunity to study for a degree in fashion design. Some of the options are: 

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