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University of Tasmania

Master of Professional Accounting

The Master of Professional Accounting in Accounting is offered by University of Tasmania.

Program Length: 18 MONTHS.

This course provides training in accounting primarily for those who do not have an accounting background. Successful completion of this course means that you will be eligible for professional accounting body associate membership.

This is an 18 month (12 unit) full-time or 3 year part-time course of study offered by the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics. The course is available in both on campus and off campus modes.  All units are subject to formal assessment including the completion of continuous assessment such as assignments, and a final examination.

The course is full fee-paying, which means that you will be charged at the full fee-paying rate listed for each unit.

Course objectives

The MPA is primarily designed for graduates with an undergraduate degree, from disciplines other than accounting, to develop skills to meet the entry requirements necessary for Associate Membership of the professional accounting bodies. You develop the skills to question and find solutions by applying your technical knowledge and ability to research authentic situations in the accounting context. You also learn to interact within diverse groups and communicate your findings to both accountants and non-accountants through the most appropriate method.

The Course Learning Outcomes are:
  • Research, critique and integrate advanced technical, specialist and theoretical knowledge with recent developments in commerce;
  • Clear and concise oral and written communication skills to justify business advice and ideas in diverse collaborative contexts involving both accountants and non-accountants;
  • Anticipate and solve complex problems and through this process demonstrate information literacy, judgement and the ability to apply theoretical and technical knowledge;
  • Apply interpersonal and collaborative skills when making decisions, and working with people from diverse backgrounds;
  • Seek and reflect on feedback to improve personal, professional and ethical conduct and initiate learning opportunities for self and others;
  • Reflect on issues of social responsibility and sustainability in the business context.

Career outcomes

This course offers participants from different academic and experiential backgrounds the opportunity to specialise in accounting for professional recognition purposes. Accounting is often cited as the language of business. People with accounting skills are in high demand in the business and corporate world embracing areas such as finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, banking and information systems, and such skills are increasingly important to groups performing an overview function such as directors.

Professional Recognition

Students with a recognised undergraduate or masters degree or approved graduate certificate who complete this course are eligible for membership of CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand and the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA). This course is accredited with the professional accounting bodies in Australia.

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